Autoimmune Protocol

Dear Followers, readers, and patients!

In the past year, a great learning lesson for me, not only of the autoimmune protocol in the context but in general, I’ve learned a lot about what kind of patient to work with and a correct dietary recommendations to make them individual. I always carefully watched the Hungarian paleo trends activities and I have tried as a professional to remain the autoimmune tendencies, but now I feel it’s time the paleo name from a bit away because bekorlátozzaza my activities/work.

It’s not just the AIP stays on the table but there are many other interesting and for you new autoimmune guidelines and related new also I’m going to share. Everyone’s body’s different and will not respond equally to dietary changes and the Diet option program in relation to often the question arises, how much meat/fat or carbohydrate-rich foods do we need? Experience has proved that unfortunately, this is changing, and not everyone is good e.g. the AIP.

So I felt it necessary to open other autoimmune tendencies towards such as the Wahl’s Protocol, The Seignalet diet, Wentz diet, the vegánabb szemlélelű Dr. Fuhrman protocol, or the hormone balance in relation to available other protocols, etc. for.

If you like any of the themes you write about and you can continue to enjoy you read my stories on my facebook page.
Still I’ll wait for you both in Szeged and in Budapest, and online/by email if personalized advice you need. The protocol in addition there is a possibility I have my Feed Setup to what the proper autoimmune protocol additional I will be building.

The hajanalízis new service, and the heavy metal load can crawl into hair, this is an autoimmune diseases in the context can be important.Also, food intolerance test, there are ways that it can also be useful if you already have everything responds to your body and you don’t know what to eat.Still be careful talking about it but the genetic-based nutrition – Nutrigenomika – my services will be part of soon, that I’ll write a little more, because it’s a fantastically exciting and new area of this diet.

Thank you very much

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